Whiskey Etiquette Guaranteed to Make you Look Good.

What if we told you that you have been handling Whiskey the wrong way? For something crafted with this much skill, this much care, a little etiquette from our end would go a long way in honoring the work behind it.

Below are some random, yet super, whiskey etiquette tips and tricks that will not only make you sound smart on your whiskey convos with the gang, but also make you look good on your next whiskey-drinking endeavor, no matter which type it might be.

1. Know your Whiskey

Don’t be afraid to start from the very basics, like knowing the difference between whiskey and whisky, for example. Learn the regions and most importantly, have your preferences. And if you are to drink on the table of men, then knowing the reasons behind your preferences is key. How else would you explain to the person next to you why you made the pick?


2. Serve it Well

Second to knowing a good drink is knowing how to serve it. With whiskey, knowing whether to serve neat or on the rocks is one thing, and knowing the right glassware is the other. For a good drinking experience, always go for the short whiskey glass, which lets you take in all those complex aromas that you enjoy in the drink with ease.

Still on serving, filling a glass more than a quarter full with the content, apart from being out of class, will make it hard for you to swirl the drink. Swirling is a technique that introduces oxygen to the drink, which in return releases aromas that have been bottled up for an extended period of time, leading to a fuller, truer expression of the whiskey.



3. Appreciate the Craftsmanship.

For a whiskey-loving gentleman, the art of enjoying a dram should be like good foreplay. You want to take your time with it, giving it the attention that it deserves. Savor each sip and the journey it takes over your palate from the start to finish. If you are out with the boys and feel like taking some shots, Tequilla would make a good pick. Try not to do this with precious whiskey.

How we handle a drink or carry ourselves out when having one says a lot about just how much we appreciate the craftsmanship behind it. Feel like we left a useful tip out? Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments!

4. Expand Your Taste (under controlled Environment)

Try Something new, yes you have the selection but its interesting to step out of your normal trend browse through other brands, Our Catalog of products is a great place to start ask your favorite barista for alternatives to your habitual selection, the shot you try today can show your taste …may be with that special someone


The best trick is being… give these tips a try and let us know how it went

As always remember to  Drink Responsibly

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